Friday, July 1, 2011

Most People Are Unaware Of Possesions

Not every Possession is like from the movie The Exorcist, your head doesn't have to be spinning around with vomit flying about. Most possessions can be as subtle as a voice that feels like your own ideas. I realized I had an unwanted guest shortly after watching the Internet movie called The Arrivals:
All 51 parts can be accessed individually on the right side.

Now I began to research the Jinn after watching this film. I found a site that had Exorcism MP3 from the Quran. I instantly played the file and I felt something inside me start to jump around, and could feel it stretching out of my back, and then I heard the neighbors dogs go crazy. Whew I thought its gone. The next morning while riding in my auto something began banging the sides of my auto. Then it started jumping into all the people I passed in the market place, using their voice to annoy me. I bet those people had a moment of blackout for those few seconds. Instantly when I got home I made a copy for my auto. Then I thought what about when I'm in the market place, all the EL worshiping Christians trained to hate EL's Islamic word will give me the evil eye if I'm driving around playing Islam, or playing Islam through my phone's media player. Well luckily I'm aware of our government using silent subliminals to make Muslim soldiers surrender in Dessert Storm, and department stores and malls using silent subliminas to prevent theft. A Silent Subliminal Script technology based on Lowery patent 5,159,703 seemed to be the answer. So I took the Jinn Exorcism MP3, and made it silent to the human ear. Like Cell Phones transmit on waves that are silent to human ears and their is information on the waves. R rated movies being transmitted on satanlight waves effect children just the same. Now Jinn are known to have really good hearing so I knew for sure they would hear it. Then I made a copy for my computer, auto, phone & MP3 player. Since it is silent it is great to play while sleeping. Finally for the first time in my life my head feels clear, that mad as hell occasional mood is gone. Now oddly enough I went to the YMCA to workout & I forgot I had my exorcism  playing, and I noticed all the people nearby began to shake around a little bit, like the Jinn was being burned by the words and quickly trying to get out of their host before they were killed by EL of Saturn's  words. And another time a guy with mason decals started to shake and could barley get his keys into his car door, I turned down the mp3 and the jinn quit shaking in terrible pain and the man had the most confused look on his face as to what has happened. Even at a church parking lot the lot of them began to twitch as their demon was burning.
A coworker told me his wife was going crazy and tried to stab him, so I gave him a copy of the silent exorcism and his wife turned back into the sweety he married. And his marketplace stories are moving and shaking things. Maybe they should put thier rings on thier right hand path for a less chaotic marriage huh.
Witchcraft & spELs goes way way back, you could have family curses. You could of bought a toy with a Jinn attached. Think about it, the Jinn watch us through mirrors or any available reflection. So the store- Toys R(mirror image-backwards R) Us, could very well mean the Jinn are R in the toys, and the store has witches curse there entire warehouses to get mankind's children off path from gods light from the very beginning. Kinda like the movie toy story; how the toys are alive, and Chuckie. Santa or Satan or Satu(r)n El has gotten parents to write a contractual letters to satan/santa saying they will be good for satan if he gives them all the material desires they have; seems like a good deal until you put the poor little child into satans lap and the kid realizes he made a deal with the devil and cries and screams like you foolish religous parent, you made me get a birth certificate and now satan has my soul and my name in his book. satan likes to get us when we are young
Watch truthiracy3 channel on you tube, he did a great job exposing El the evil god of saturn & the bibEL
John Todd was born into a illuminiti witch family like harry potter. John Todd's story how he was in charge of using witchcraft to summon Jinn into albums from Disney songs to rock and roll. Listen to his story it will help you learn how to close many doors that give evil Jinn authority into your lives: listen to all tapes it's worth it, skip a TV show and listen to John Todd.

Honestly from what I have seen recently from this silent excorism just about everybody has a jinn- a devEL. & angEL. For example if you have satanlight i mean satalight TV just about every show could have a spEL on it. And if your family is from the United Kingdom take note National Geographic has reported it is the most haunted place in the world. Their flag is even witchcraft. The double cross. to use one altar on the crossing of the leylines and summon a principality's altar in the flipped dimmension leyline crossing opening up a portal for demons to attach to toys, music, etc.. the tripple cross is to summon even to a higher level of demons. Like the movie Matrix- one key(leyline crossing) opens the lock, the other key (leyline crossing where the future knowing jinn/oracle are) opens the door to the demonic jinn. Now there are good EL loving Jinn, but the evil Jinn are constant liers, so beware of Oracles/ Snakes/Dragons/Genies/Leprechauns/Fairies/Gargoyles/Draconian/Mermaids/Goat legged things, Grey Aliens  & Orbs(those balls of light that digital cameras let you know how many evil jinn/angels are attached to you, floating around your house whispering in your ear). Jinn are shape shifters and can become any image.
Muslims state if you recite the Ruqya, Jinn wont be able to come inside your home for 3 days, & with stereos that is very easy to accomplish these jinn are bound toEL's books words. Just make sure you speakers frequency range goes up to 20khz. You can place water near the speakers and you will now be making your own holy EL water. Put some holy water in a spray bottle, & mist everything. Add the holy water to a humidifier to help remove sickness faster. Add some to your radiator in your auto lol. If your a carpet cleaner or pressurewasher advertise that you use holy EL water.
Add a few gallons to a bath add some sea salt, and relax.